The form for the article letter

Articles write

Here you see our form being able to write you articles for it after desire and mood. Type your name in first. You also agree with that that the copyright lies with you for the article. You then write your e-mail address under this to the field. Your name and your e-mail address are always published under your article. The @ is put, however, between 2-cornered brackets to avoid spam. You need to write the name and the e-mail address under the article no longer in addition.
Choose a suitable category in the Dropdown menu now. After that the heading of the article follows. If it is possible, if the heading should consist of at most 4 words. If it cannot be avoided, however, you also can enter more words. It is of advantage if keywords are already available in the heading. Start with the letter of the item now. Use our entry field for this. The article must show at least 1400 signs. If this should not be the case, the article cannot be mailed. 1400 signs can be valued at about 250 words. The more you write, however, the better this is for the search engine. Because you can be found to far more search phrases so.
Please, you mark the words or text phrases (link text) if you have written the article, which shall be interlinked. This works as follows:
You move a star forward for the number 1. put you in front of the second link text 2 stars and one at the end in front of and after the link text. For the third link text 3 stars and one at the end and for the fourth link text 4 stars at the beginning and in turn one at the end. With an example this looks so ...
Sample text for the link text detail
So the *test* from bla bla bla...sees it is written to the weather was very fine today until **the fingers* crash etc. etc, we had, however, to work. As a then ***closing time was* we could sit down to the computer finally again and ****write articles*. This gives pleasure and costs nothing.
Can merely the stars increased by one always at the beginning see here like one becoming it. You then write down the desired link paths on the lower fields. Like in this example, the word test to the field with a star comes. The phrase the fingers in the second with the 2 stars etc. Therefore rather simple. Unfortunately, headings cannot be interlinked.
Please also type the counter-link in if you define more links, are permitted when free. Unless you have our bonus if you have already written a certain number of articles. The field simply is then released. At the end you still must enter the date and the article is ready. Mail still then open and feels loose?
We reserve for us to publish the article also in German. If you should be interested to get backlinks also on the German article, please contact us, after you have sent your article.