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Park your personal topic here among us, to a certain category. You are in one of the few article lists which both German and English articles manage, optimize and present here. But the meaning and purpose of this web page is what? On the one hand, it should be said that this is a service which shall be of benefit to the hard-working article writer. You write an article for us to a certain category or topic and we give backlinks for you for this free of charge.
On the other hand, this article list shall be informative and useful for other readers. On the journey to information by the Internet the reader shall join his question on an article clearing up at once. However, the reader only can when this informative article completely stands for his question at the beginning of the search engine do this. We come into the game now. We try to take our and your information in the search engine to a search engine friendly way as far forwards as only possible. All this happens according to the search engine without manipulation and tricks (contents are king).
We use our specialized knowledge and you also profit from it. If you write an article for us, you get backlinks in the article on one of your sides. You can select the link text aside, and also the link path is interlinked on which. Writing you per more articles for us, the more backlinks being able to put you without having to put a counter-link on our pages. This is bonus system this at our page. We have managed by perfect web page programming and HTML kindness to create an article list which really has it into himself. So that your article can attain still more reputation, you also can send pictures of course which we install for you. We dispose your pictures with that of high-quality software cut to size for the Internet perfectly are. Please, marks with a cross you write up the corresponding option in the side article for it. We can therefore wait for your pictures and react correspondingly if these arrive.
This is the advantage for you if you write articles for us:
- our home page will get once a very high pagerank due to the valuable contents
- the article submitted by you will inherit this pagerank since one is extra underside and is in the search engines but to find an independent page every article
- if you have set links one or several on your article, this will transfer received Pagerank to the interlinked side and therefore provide a getting further in the search engines also here
- this is the simplest and most favourable for you way to get backlinks because it does not cost you any cent
- the domain popularity and ID popularity of her interlinked side increase
- visitors come onto your page by the link and the article put very well
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- by long work on the Internet and with search engines we have got on what is called fairness and search engine optimization
- again and again, this knowledge has further brought and shown us that forwards we are on the right track
- you shall also therefore get injured as an article writer of it
- so namely sturdy information and results will not forget solllte for the end either on his question that the surfer seeking information also has something from this thing on the Internet, however
- Your article is published also in German, if you write this in English
- therefore write only once and have two texts of which it in English and therefore is accessible for one also for the rest of the world
- You then can write a German article and we publish this of course in addition in English
If you look at the many advantages, gets clear fast, articles write on our page actually only advantages that this has. If categories which are not contained into ours still should occur to you, you are welcome to make a suggestion to us to add one a new topic. Please also write us if you have individual ideas for the article letter.  There also are people who write articles against payment. These people are welcome here. You oppose to us under the e-mail around near agree at once, please.
We wish you a lot of fun in this meaning and in the article list at the article write and hope for joy at our pages but to be able to welcome authors.
Your team!